From: Barbara Newman  

Date: November 5, 2018 at 9:00:01 AM MST 
To: Northern Arizona Blues Alliance 

Subject: A Special Video for your Members from The Blues Foundation 

To the Leadership of Northern Arizona Blues Alliance, 


Once again, I am very excited to share with you an exclusive video that was produced just for The Blues Foundation’s affiliated blues societies. Larkin Poe, 2018 Blues Music Award Best Emerging Artist Album Nominee, has a brand new album being released in just a few days, on November 9th. It’s called Venom and Faith and it includes their rendition of the Skip James song “Hard Time Killing Floor Blues.” As a shout out to all the blues fans out there, and in support of the work you are doing to keep the genre strong and vibrant, they have asked me to share this link with you: 


This is an unlisted Youtube link that we encourage you to share with your membership. You will be the first to see it, as Larkin Poe will not be making this video public until November 19th. Please let your membership know how much these musicians love and respect the work you are doing by giving this to The Blues Foundation and in turn to our affiliated blues societies for a first-time viewing. I hope you will take the time to send this out through your communication channels.  If your membership finds that they like the music, Larkin Poe are currently on tour, and you can also share their tour schedule with everyone at this link:  They remain in the US until November 19th and then head overseas to Europe through December 2nd when they return to the United States to continue touring. 


Again, please let me send my own words of thanks and praise to each of you for the work you are doing in your local communities. I look forward to welcoming you and your challengers to Memphis this January for the 35th International Blues Challenge, and am always here for you if you ever need assistance. 


Best regards, 


Barbara B. Newman 

President & CEO 

The Blues Foundation 

421 South Main Street: Memphis, TN 38103 

(901) 527-2583 Ext. 12