January 2022 

 A Message from the President 

Dear Blues Friends, 

As blues lovers, I know you understand when I say if there has ever been a time to sing the blues this is the time. Navigating the surges and waves of Covid-19 has certainly given us all the blues. From day one on the job, it has presented its share of dilemmas. One month in, we postponed the International Blues Challenge until May. The following week after Covid hits our staff, we thought it best to close the Blues Hall of Fame. Some might call it baptism by fire, others may say I hit the ground running – I call it an invigorating start. 

Despite the early challenges, your greetings, invitations, and well wishes have helped me feel right at home. To your kindness, I want to say thank you for allowing me to “Walk right in, Set right down” (Gus Cannon). 

An enjoyable part of getting started has been listening to where you would like the organization to go from here. Indeed Covid-19 is changing how we think about almost everything. It is giving us the chance to not only reset but also critically think about the future. This includes ways The Blues Foundation can evolve with the rapid changes of the world around us. As the caretakers of the genre, we want to ensure we are positioned to embrace the new and celebrate the past while making sure we cultivate diverse audiences and nurture a cross-section of talent. 

The first 30 days on the job have definitely been a test. I know, however, that it is a test that is preparing us for great things to come. I appreciate your patience as we get through the ebbs and flows of this most recent surge. On the other side is the month of May and over a week of amazing events offering lots of fun. 

I look forward to meeting you all. The staff looks forward to welcoming you back. We are all anxious for you to get here so that we can return to listening, playing, singing, and celebrating the blues. 


Judith Black 
President & CEO